Gliding in Rio de Janeiro

Gliding in Rio de Janeiro

Gliding in Rio de Janeiro: Paragliding, Hang Gliding or Parachuting?

Gliding in Rio de Janeiro is a conjunction of flight modes. We can mention the Paragliding, the Hang Gliding with Delta Wing and the Parachuting, often known as Skydiving. We offer these free flight modalities in RJ.

When we talk about Paragliding and Hang Gliding in the city of Rio de Janeiro, there is a single free-flight take-off ramp: the Pedra Bonita ramp. Scenarios of international films, the ramp competes with some others that exist around the region, such as in Niterói, Paracambi, Miguel Pereira, Maricá, among others, but none of them have the same structure as the free flight ramp of Pedra Bonita.

Ramp of Pedra Bonita, the first and only ramp of Rio!

Despite what many people think, gliding in Rio de Janeiro does not take place at Pedra da Gávea. In fact the Pedra da Gávea makes up the stunning scenery of the place. It is the face-shaped rock that we can see from the front during takeoff. The Pedra Bonita ramp is 517m high and within the Tijuca National Park area, which requires a strong symbiosis between the free-flying community and the preservation of the most visited National Park in Brazil.

The free flight landing is at Pepino Beach, end of São Conrado Beach. On site there is a strip of sand and a grassy area that are of exclusive use of paragliders and hang gliders. This is the same place as the start of the activity, where the participant checks in at the Free Flying Association and leaves with the instructor for the ramp. The way to the ramp is made by car. The ramp area offers snack bar and restrooms.

Skydiving in Rio de Janeiro

When we talk about Skydiving, the options in Rio de Janeiro are more scarce. The modality is still in the stage of professionalization and maturation in the city. Meanwhile in the south of Rio de Janeiro state, there is a famous spot for this activity, in the city of Resende, which is two hours away from Rio. This is where we perform our Skydiving. Check the options!

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