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Brazil is one of the most exotic countries in the world with its diverse wildlife and thousands of hidden places accessible only after long hikes. Experience extraordinary landscapes, mountains covered in tropical vegetation, extravagant culture and energetic cities built amidst the natural beauty of Brazil.

Why tour operator and DMC Brazil?

Nattrip Tour Operator and DMC Brazil was first designed with the objective of connecting people to nature, considering the large amount of places with ecotourism potential that the city of Rio de Janeiro had to offer. That was the main motivation and made us understand that people, whether tourists or not, needed specialized services in order to practice the activities that these places were able to provide. Together with it, promote a healthy life and generate environmental knowledge by insertion into the environment. This creates base for environmental sustainability, social accountability, mutual coexistence and sense of protection. The origin of the company’s name is an acronym for Natural Trip.

Self-funded, designed from scratch and born as a local adventure tour operator, Nattrip made its way through and became one of the most important adventure operators in Brazil. Since 2010 specializing in adventure tourism, the technical knowledge and experience increased, demanding the company to take a step further and become an adventure management company for Brazil. The year 2014 was the genesis of a daring journey in the development of adventure packages throughout South America.

“Protect by understanding and enjoying, never forbidding!”

A given mission is to be accomplished! Nattrip’s mission:

Our mission as a tour operator and DMC Brazil is to provide specialized ecotourism and adventure tourism services. High quality experiences and sensations that surpass the expectations of clients, generating entertainment with quality of life and environmental knowledge by experiencing nature, contributing to the adventure tourism market growth and consequently to the environmental conservation units development. Our focus is always on reaching the maximum of the fun / safety ratio. We operate with social responsibility, respect for the environment, safety and ethical principles: take a look at our safety policy!

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