Ilha Grande in Rio de Janeiro

Ilha Grande in Rio de Janeiro with its paradisaical beaches and a sea of ​​crystalline waters is the most famous island of the 365 that permeate the municipality of Angra dos Reis in Rio de Janeiro. It is a magical place, full of natural beauties.

Ilha Grande in Rio de Janeiro is an archipelago that has 193 km and more than 100 beaches with blue-green waters. Among its Atlantic Forest vegetation, trails and hiking can be done. When observing the exuberant vegetation of the region, you can see several wild animals, all in a place where the climate is tropical all year round.

Ilha Grande tours are certainly unforgettable. It is possible to venture into caves, beaches and coves with huge diversity of marine life, crystal clear waterfalls and delight with the local scenery. An ideal place to go in family, group, double or alone. Ilha Grande is a good choice in any situation.

Between mountains and beaches, the region is perfect for boating, diving, hiking and hiking. Ilha Grande tours are numerous options for those who want to get to know the magnificent island in Rio de Janeiro.

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