Adventure Rio de Janeiro – Day Tours & Trekkings – Brazil

Rio’s heady mix of beach, jungle, and urban culture has given rise to a wealth of Adventure activities. Adventure Rio de Janeiro represent indeed an array of incredible experiences for intrepid travelers.

The city has two of the world’s largest urban forests and is an international reference in terms of nature and sustainable tourism. At Nattrip, we are fully aware of this potential and are working to transform these natural and cultural wealths into sustainable and safe services based on authentic experiences.

With so much green area preserved, Nattrip offers differentiated Adventure itineraries in Rio de Janeiro that combine adventure, natural beauty and safety. Among them, the possibilities range from light hikes to high level rock climbing, along with tandem flights, kayaking, etc.

In Rio, there are options of Adventure tours for everyone. So whether you are a dedicated mountain climber or a curious traveller ready to hike in the beautiful Tijuca National Park or on one of the famous rock formations of Rio and enjoy stunning views, you won’t be disappointed!

Nattrip can tailor your vacations in Rio de Janeiro. Be sure to find the adventure that ideally suits your desires, your physical abilities and your wallet.

Check out all our Adventure – Rio de Janeiro and start your own adventure with our team!

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Adventure Rio de Janeiro – Day Tours

Hikes, Trail Running, Rock Climbing, Rappel/Abseilling, Mountain Bike, Hang Gliding, Paragliding, and much more! Which one of these Adventure Day Tours in beautiful Rio de Janeiro will you opt for?

Adventure Rio de Janeiro – Trekkings

Adventure Tours in Rio de Janeiro also means a bunch of beautiful Trekkings around the City and the State of Rio, which hosts beautiful beaches, forests  as well as mountains.

Trekking Expeditions are destined for people looking for Adventure in the middle of the Mountains, Atlantic forest or Beaches. It requires a bit of physical preparation. Anyhow, there is no need to be a pro; but body balance, mobility and plain health conditions are pre-requisites for some of these adventures.

Which one of these adventure tours in Rio de Janeiro will you opt for?

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