Best Hard Adventures in Brazil – My Top 3 Expeditions all over Brazil

As a foreigner working with adventure in Brazil for a while and a trekker-aficionada, many friends that enjoy outdoor sports ask me which are the Best Hard Adventures in Brazil. Such a delicate question to answer!

Brazil Trekking Adventures include beaches, wild landscapes, remote natural areas, national parks and other off the beaten track places that any trekker would love to visit. I personally fell in love with Brazil due to all the options of hike and trekking it offers.

Before getting into the substance of the topic, let me introduce myself briefly. I am Jéromine, I grew up in France but had the opportunity to live in many countries for my studies. I have been working at Nattrip in the Marketing department for a year (wow, a year already, time flies!). Besides enjoying my daily tasks at Nattrip, I am delighted to work every day with a passionate team of dynamic adventure-lovers and overall, to spend time covering many outdoor activities as a photographer.


What are the Best Hard Adventures in Brazil in my point of view?

Since I started working at Nattrip, I had the opportunity to realize 8 amazing treks that Nattrip offers in Brazil, lasting from 2 to 8 days. As all of the Trekkings were very differents and I absolutely loved all of them, I have decided to present only my Top 3, these 3 unforgettable experiences that I would recommend to any traveler willing to do great outdoor adventures in Brazil.

  • Ilha Grande Expedition, Rio de Janeiro State:

The Ilha Grande 360º Trekking Expedition is definitely my favourite beach trekking. When you think of Brazil, you cannot avoid picturing outstanding beaches and Ilha Grande (Big Island) offers the perfect scenery for a trekking combining beaches, wilderness and local culture.

During the complete Expedition, we hiked approximately 70 km across jungle-covered mountains, paradisiacal beaches and small fishermen villages. Besides, we stayed overnight in local modest but comfortable resident places and had typical and delicious caiçara meals. Not only you we were able to interact with local communities everyday, but we were able to understand their way of living and their strong connection with nature.

As far as I am concerned, it is by far the best way to know the island: avoiding touristic and most often, overcrowded places, you will discover beautiful and mainly desert areas where you will live in complete harmony with nature for 9 days.

What I loved the most about the Ilha Grande Expedition: the Island hosts one of the biggest Biological Reserve of the State of Rio which is possible to cross under the authorization of the Environmental Agency responsible for the area. In return, the trekkers collect the trash stranded on the beaches. I loved the experience of enjoying one of the best landscape of Brazil and giving at the same time a little contribution to the preservation of the planet!

Best period to realize this trekking: during winter time in Brazil, from March to November, when the heat is not that unbearable and most of the days are clear blue.

Duration of the Trekk: from 6 to 9 days, with another option of crossing half the island in 3 days.

Best Hard Adventures in Brazil Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande 360 Expedition

  • Petrópolis x Teresópolis, Serra dos Órgãos National Park, Rio de Janeiro State:

The Petrópolis Teresópolis Crossing is located in the Serra dos Órgãos National Park, that lies between the countryside cities of Petrópolis, Guapimirim and Teresópolis. The 3-days Trekking is one of the most beautiful and classical mountain crossing of Brazil.

From the very beginning of the trekk, I was amazed by the landscapes, which are simply breathtaking. The adventure is quite demanding due to the steep ascents and obstacles throughout the trails but the stunning views of the mountains are clearly worth the effort. Besides, the Park is exceptionally well-organized, clearly marked and well-maintained mountain shelters are available to stay overnight.

One of the highlight of the expedition was to extend the trekking to another Expedition in this National Park called Portais de Hércules. It is a truly magical place and there, I admired the most remarkable sunrise of my entire life. I really recommend this Adventure!

Portais de Hércules

Portais de Hércules

What I loved the most about that Expedition: the level of difficulty in some sections of the crossing gives more intensity to the global experience and leaves the participant with the satisfying feeling of exceeding your own limits.

Best period to realize this trekking: during winter time in Brazil, from May to October, when the it rains less and temperatures are chiller.

Duration of the Trekking: 3 days.


Petropolis Teresopolis Crossing

  • Pati Valley Trekking, Chapada Diamantina National Park, Bahia State:

I always dreamed of doing the Pati Valley Trekking, ever since I started thinking about living in Brazil. And I was not disappointed at all last month when I finally had the opportunity to realize the 5-days trekking.

Surrounded by impressive tabletop mountains, the Chapada Diamantina Trekking Expedition is definitely a must-go for all nature and adventure-lovers. As most lands of the Chapada Diamantina National Park were left untouched during the diamond mining period, the exuberant nature of the place are well preserved. In addition to the outstanding viewpoints, landscapes, green canyons, caves, waterfalls and rivers, participants also have the opportunity to get in direct contact with the local rich history and understand better how local residents live in the middle of these mountains.

What I loved the most about this Expedition: after remembering the overnights in local resident houses, I was tempted to say the meals and gathering around fire camps. Food is amazing, made with love by the natives. I think I have never eaten that well (and much) during a trekk. I would also stress the energy of the place, I was deeply touched by the story of locals and by all the natural beauties around, that are simply astonishing. Something that one can not explain using words…

Best period to realize this trekking: in Northeast Brazil, seasons are usually not extreme. The rainy season runs from November to March, leaving the waterfalls more attractives.

Duration of this trekking: from 2 to 8 days. Basic rule: the longer you stay, the more attractions you visit!


Chapada Diamantina Trekking Expedition

I strongly believe that Brazil is a marvellous destination for trekkers! I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work at Nattrip and do so many amazing trekkings. Hopefully, my insights helped you to make a choice regarding your next adventure in Brazil! If any queries arise, we would be pleased to reply, so do not hesitate to leave a comment :)

Jéromine Buchatz

Jéromine Buchatz


French, 25 years-old, Jéromine is passionate about outdoor sports and natural beauties of Brazil.

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