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Experience the bike tour Rio de Janeiro and explore the city on a bike!

Rio de Janeiro, affectionately known as the Marvelous City, is the second largest city in Brazil and receives a major number of tourists in Latin America. One of the best experiences is to explore it on a bicycle.

Rio is a bike-friendly city, considered one of the best cities in Latin America to cycle! According to the municipality informations, there are more than 450 km of bike lanes in Rio. Not mentioning that this is a city of singular beauty, where part of the city is World Cultural Heritage and mixes urban looks with hills, favelas, massive atlantic forest and small islands scattered along the waterfront. Its beautiful sunset and sunrise, worthy of applause, leave its seductive beaches golden and glittering. The first generation bike lanes in Rio de Janeiro date back to 1992 when the construction of 150 kilometers of bike paths was carried out for the first time.

Options for a bike tour in Rio de Janeiro

With the Bike Tour Rio de Janeiro, you may visit the center of the city and travel with us thorough the history of Brazil. You can see many important historical monuments, some of them from the 18th century, and some others very recent, such as Museum of Tomorrow, and of course, get to know the history of each one. Bike tour in Rio can also take you from the most famous beaches of the Marvelous City, to the beautiful Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, and from the traditional Botafogo neighborhood to the Sugar Loaf, to discover delicious Carioca secrets. There are options in the Tijuca National Park, one of the largest urban forests in the world, passing by some of the best views of the city and paying a visit to Christ the Redeemer, one of the 7 wonders of the world. In addition to the fresh air of the forest, you can discover the beautiful historical routes of Brazil. Enjoy the breeze, breathtaking views, birdsong, monkeys, exotic wildlife and much more.

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Bike Tour Rio de Janeiro

Get to know the history, nature and culture of Rio, connecting with the city in a more fun and interactive way. It doesn’t matter if you prefer the forest, urban or beach, there are options for all of Rio de Janeiro. Go bike tour and integrate youself in the most beautiful landscapes of Rio! Choose your option!

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