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In the category Boat Tours Rio de Janeiro, you will find the best boat and schooner tours in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Boat tours in Rio de Janeiro coast

Rio de Janeiro and its coastline is one of the most beautiful areas of the world in terms of natural beauty. Taking a boat or schooner tour through the Guanabara Bay is already a nice experience. Now imagine through the open sea, whether to North or South coast of Rio de Janeiro, you will have unforgettable moments of leisure.

Guided boat tours through Rio de Janeiro coastline

The boats offer comfort and safety for all. The commander will punctuate each stop so everybody can understand the location, He will also inform some guidelines and rules for the good continuation of the tours. The goal is to provide good sensations and unforgettable boat trips. A professional tour guide will be available at all times, making boat trips even more enjoyable and safe.

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Independently if it is Buzios, Angra dos Reis, Ilha Grande or Arraial do Cabo, feel invited to enjoy the most popular boat tours of the region. Choose your boat tour in Rio de Janeiro and get to know the stunning visuals of the beaches and islands around!

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