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Brazil beaches have a lot to offer for holiday makers and sun enthusiasts, since the country has more than two thousand of them. The Brazilian coastline measures 7,491 km, which makes it the 16th longest of the world. Not only you can get a coloured tan all year round but you will also get to know amazing beach locations and all that comes with it. Marine life, boat tours, diverse water activities like scuba diving, surf, stand-up paddle and more. The culture of the place, with its specific cuisine and history, is also a thing that one should experience on the Brazilian beaches.

Swimming in crystal clear waters and laying in the sun on white-sand beaches while sipping from your fresh coconut (and samba on the background) will make you forget about the Caribbean!

Come and enjoy the best of Brazil beach tourism.

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Brazil beaches beauty is unquestionable! The country is privileged by a coastline with a diversity of soft white sand beaches, hosting diverse fauna and flora! Check out our sun and beach travel packages and discover the best Brazilian beaches!

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