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History of Brazil is fascinating and definitely deserves a bit of study since the country is large, diverse and multicultural!

Be sure that after visiting Brazil, travellers will have learned a lot about the background of this country and this will also provide them with greater understanding about Latin America in general.

From the native indigenous people surviving the conquerors to the independence, Brazil history went through many contrasts. During Napoleonic wars, Brazil became the capital of the Portuguese empire and few years later the first province to accomplish abolishing of slavery.

The modern history in Brazil is even more interesting, suffering influence from all of world’s major history events. Maybe this is the reason why Brazil is home to an infinite number of immigrants from all over the globe. Culture and history lovers have many options to satisfy their curiosity. Visiting historical buildings that have become an emblem, or a thrilling story about the military regime, people have the opportunity to step on their Brazilian trip with a full learning experience.

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