Jeep Tour Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Jeep Tours Rio de Janeiro are great opportunities to visit the main attractions of the Wonderful City in a fun and unconventional way, with a touch of adventure and comfort. You will be able to visit several important attractions of Rio de Janeiro, such as: Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf. In addition to being able to pass through beautiful attractions of the National Park of Tijuca, such as: Chinese View and Forest of Tijuca and much more.

These Tours are suitable for everyone: children, elderly or people with disabilities who are looking for a bit of contemplation with adrenaline.

Jeep Tour Tijuca Forest

On the Jeep Tour through the Tijuca Forest we will travel through the heart of one of the largest urban forests in the world, passing through the paths that were once taken by coffee farms in Brazil empire. In this itinerary we observe the fauna and flora found in the National Park of Tijuca that promote an intense connection with nature, enabling the contact with several native species.

Jeep Tour Main Attractions of the City of Rio de Janeiro

In this category, you will visit four main attractions of Rio de Janeiro city: Christ the Redeemer, Sugar Loaf, Tijuca Forest and Botanical Garden. Discover the Wonderful City in a fun and original way with a touch of comfortable adventure.

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Jeep Tour Rio de Janeiro

All these categories are part of a roadmap required for any tourist. The easy access and the diversity of options for leisure make this place an oasis within the Wonderful City. Do not miss the chance to explore Rio de Janeiro in a Jeep, enjoying its beauties and cultural attractions! Check out the all the Jeep Tours we offer.

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