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Kayaking Tours in Rio de Janeiro offer some of the most original and nicest experiences in the city.

What is the kayaking activity?

Kayaking is a well-known recreational activity using a kayak to move across waters. The participants will be sitting in this narrow boat and use a double-bladed paddle to get from one point to another. Once you’re out on the water, kayaking brings you the feelings of adventure and freedom and you will get to discover places under a different angle.

Kayaking Tours in & around Rio de Janeiro

As you may know, Rio de Janiero has a privileged geography and is famous for its beautiful beaches. The City and the whole State of Rio de Janeiro hosts some of the best beaches in Brazil. In Rio de Janeiro City, you can do a Ocean Kayaking Tour starting at the base of the Sugarloaf Mountain, the Praia Vermelha and get incredible views of Rio and its beautiful beaches. The area offers a charming and calm environment within the city.

There are also stunning options to do Kayaking Tours nearby Rio. In the Southern Coast of Rio de Janeiro, you will find the Costa Verde, which literally means ‘Green Coast’, a perfect area for sea kayaking. It hosts warm and calm waters surrounded by the luxuriant Atlantic Forest, making the landscapes even more amazing when paddling. The sites of Partaty, the Brazilian Fjord (Saco da Mamangua) and of Ilha Grande offer perfect conditions to do Kayaking Tours.

What would you say of embarking on an adventure that only few people have the priviledge to know and discover the City or the State of Rio de Janeiro in a different way?

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Kayaking Tours in Rio de Janeiro

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