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Options for leisure activities in Brazil

Leisure activities in Brazil and its large number of options might confuse those who decide to travel to this destination. Travellers who come to Brazil for the relaxation, the sun and the fun have an unlimited number of options on how to spend their time. The coastal cities, for example, provide a unique experience. Not only can the travellers visit stunning islands with impressive waters and beaches or experience a wild nightlife, but they will also learn some more about Brazilian culture.

Whether thinking of taking samba lessons, cooking classes or just stroll around the city and go to museums, visitors have many options to create good memories and get to know the Brazilian hospitality. To have an idea of the vast options, in Rio de Janeiro alone you can enjoy amazing views of the city from some key points, visit the city highlights, enjoy the city beaches or go further and discover the wild beaches, look for waterfalls in nature landscapes and exprience local cuisine and way of life. One can be sure to make many friends in such a vibrant country while joining leisure activities in Brazil.

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Local populations

One extraordinary thing about Brazil is the various types of people that live here. The most special type of experience with locals are encountered in hidden worlds, like deep in the Amazonian jungle with the native people or on the Atlantic Coast in the fishermen villages. Whichever you choose you visit, be sure to have an unforgettable experience.

Brazilian cuisine

Travellers can expect a variety of foods here. Besides the rice, feijoada and bife, the most iconic foods for Brazil come from the northeast region, because of its strong mix of African and European roots. Taste fresh Amazonian fruits, sit on the beach and sip from a fresh coconut, try an açaí and maybe a caipirinha drink.

History of Brazil

From stories about indigenous people, passing through the colonial times and understanding the scenario of abolishing the slavery, there are many contrasts through which Brazil went. Historical buildings that have become an emblem or a thrilling story about the military regime, choose your optiona and step on your Brazilian trip with a full learning experience.

Sun and beach

Want a coloured tan all year round in amazing beach locations with all that comes with it? Swim in crystal clear waters and lay in the sun on white-sand beaches while sipping from your fresh coconut. Brazil will make you forget about the Caribbean.

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