Sim, a Nattrip oferece seguros para todas as atividades, contanto que o contratante forneça todos os dados necessários de cada participante para que o possamos gerar. Os dados são, CPF (ou passaporte, nome completo, data de nascimento, gênero(sexo) e nacionalidade. Lembrando que o seguro tem a seguinte cobertura e deve ser acionado no mesmo dia do incidente ou acidente:

Yes, Nattrip offers insurance for all activities, as long as the contractor provides all the necessary data of each participant so that we can generate it. The data are, passport, full name, date of birth, gender and nationality. Remembering that the insurance has the following coverage and must be triggered the same day of the incident or accident:

  • Medical and Hospital Expenses – R$ 3.000,00;
  • Permanent Disability by Accident – R$ 30.000,00;
  • Accidental Death – R$ 30.000,00.

Activity payments from the MICE / Corporate Tourism Department should be made according to the following standard: 50% of the advance amount and the other 50% within 30 days prior to the activity.

The forms of payment available are:

  • Bank slip issued by Banco Santander;
  • Credit Card (Visa, Master, Amex) through the partner PayU Secure Servers;
  • Bank transfers to our Santander bank account (national and international companies);
  • We also offer payments via PayPal (subject to intermediation fees).

Our premise for the activity to occur is the safety of our customers. In this way, there will be a risk analysis up to one day before the event, mapping the rainfall indexes. From this, if the activity offers risk, we will have three options:

  • Postpone activity to another date;
  • Adapt the activity and make some modifications so that it can occur safely;
  • Cancel activity, taking into account that costs already used can not be reimbursed.

Recalling that for corporate groups Nattrip provides raincoats if necessary.

Each service has its own policy, since the preliminary operational costs are very different, so before contracting Nattrip, the contractor will be informed about the conditions.

Each service has its own particularities, so inclusions and exclusions will be informed in each quotation.

Nattrip works with comfortable, air-conditioned and properly sanitized transportation.

You should contact Nattrip phones primarily:

  • Office +55 (21) 3264-0182
  • Mobile +55 (21) 96931-8893 (também whatsapp)
  • We suggest copying the Department Manager, Mr. Marco Aurélio, in all communications via email:

Nattrip is a company that has been in the market since 2010 and always very well evaluated for the services provided. We recommend that for any tourist service to be hired, the suitability of the provider company should be investigated. A great tool for this is TripAdvisor, which shows the evaluation of other previous guests. Our profile can be checked on:

Each request will be embraced with great affection and responsibility whether for service with one person or hundreds of people. Nattrip team will work very frankly in showing the possibilities to their contractors according to the number of people in the group.