Mountain Trekking and Backpacking in Brazil

Mountain Trekking and Backpacking in Brazil is a collection of itineraries in mountain environment with options for every taste. For trekkers and backpackers, a mountain has its grandeur and altitudes superior to a hill, however there is no specified altitude for that distinction. Even though there is a geological definition to each one, we have a popular understanding of what a mountain really is.

The trekking and backpacking expeditions in mountains brings us many life lessons. It provides unbelievable moments and uncountable experiences. To confront obstacles and hang out some days with different people, helping and asking for help, sharing moments… In the summit of a mountain, each simple thing we do seems to be the most important thing in the world.

Nattrip relies on a sensational team to realize this magic. Specialized in natural environment activities, including vast knowledge in protected areas which we pass through, we are in constant touch with the Conservation Units and respect all the stipulated rules, always aiming the minimal impact. Our team for Mountain Trekking and Backpacking in Brazil is trained to perform the activities in remote locations, because they are professional tour guides and adventure tourism leaders that will guarantee your fun and make sure your safety is a priority during an expedition.

Simple sensations like watching the sunrise, when in top of mountains overcome the normal expectation. Achieving the goal, reaching the summit, being above everything in sight range… For a few minutes, you’re going to see yourself accompanied by yourself and feel well. Just another learning we absorb in Mountain Trekking and Backpacking in Brazil.

However an adventure of this kind requires preparation, logistics, expertise and management of risks. An expedition poorly prepared, can generate serious discomfort and the price to be paid can e be too expensive. Nattrip is specialized in this kind of adventure and operate several itineraries for you to go Mountain Trekking and Backpacking in Brazil with fun, safety and comfort!

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