Pre-booking information

for Hard Adventures Packages

Tour Characteristics

  • The tours are open groups, that allows any customer to participate, however there is minimum quorum required for departure.
  • Private groups are available at request and different rates.
  • Optional activities can be requested during the booking process if available.


  • Before booking any product, check the risks involved, what’s included, the necessary equipment and the FAQ. If doubts arise, contact us. When booking any tour, the tourist attests knowledge to the natural risk inherent in ecotourism and adventure activities.
  • The ingestion of alcoholic beverages or the use of drugs, as well as the carrying of weapons of any kind, before or during activities, is not allowed under penalty of exclusion of the participant.
  • The itinerary and the order of the tours can be changed due to the weather and / or adverse conditions inherent to the practice of ecotourism and / or adventure tourism.