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Receptive Brazil – Tours in Rio de Janeiro, Serra Gaúcha and Chapada Diamantina!

Receptive Brazil division offers several options of historical, contemplative, cultural tours and experiences in the main touristic destinations of the country. In Rio de Janeiro there is a range of natural and cultural attractions that will make you understand why we call it the wonderful city. Serra Gaúcha offers in the southern region of Brazil, more precisely in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, excellent options of tourist attractions. With European roots, it is the main gastronomic and cultural destination. Chapada Diamantina, in Bahia, is rich in attributes that make it an ecotourism center in the northeastern region of Brazil.

Nattrip DMC and travel agency offers several options of itineraries and tours to these touristic destinations in Brazil. Check it out!

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Rio de Janeiro

Tours, adventures, experiences, ecotourism, sightseeing and more, in the capital and cities nearby.

Chapada Diamantina

Tours and adventures in Chapada Diamantina and surroundings.

South Brazil

Gastronomy, experiences and ecotourism in Gramado, Canela, Nova Petrópolis, Três Coroas and the southern region of Brazil.

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