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Serra da Mantiqueira in Brazil is a mountain range that spans through São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro states. Its peaks’ altitudes are between one and almost three thousand meters and it shelters many conservation units. Among them there is the APA Serra da Mantiqueira (Environmental Protection Area), Itatiaia National Park, Serra do Brigadeiro and Serra do Papagaio State Parks.

Most of Serra da Mantiqueira are within the state of Minas Gerais. However, the closest capital is São Paulo, located 90 km away from the city of Bragança Paulista, the nearest city in that state. The second closest city is Belo Horizonte, located 170 km away from Barbacena city. The third is Rio de Janeiro, located 198 km from the nearest village in Serra da Mantiqueira, Visconde de Mauá, a district of Resende city.

The Serra da Mantiqueira in Brazil has its name considered to be of indigenous Tupi origin, meaning “gota de chuva” (raindrop), combining the terms amana (chuva = rain) and tykyra (gota = drop). It demonstrates great importance as a potable water source. It’s in the heart of Mantiqueira that many rivers are born and supplies lots of southeast Brazilian cities. Serra da Mantiqueira altitudes are between 1.200 and 2.800 meters (3.937 and 9.186 feet). Mountaineering is very common in this area due to its high peaks. The region also host rally competitions and practice.

5 highest Mantiqueira peaks, according to IBGE:

  • Pedra da Mina: 2.798 m (9.179 ft)
  • Pico das Agulhas Negras: 2.791 m (9.156 ft)
  • Morro do Couto: 2.680 m (8.792 ft)
  • Pedra do Sino de Itatiaia: 2.670 m (8.759 ft)
  • Pico dos Três Estados: 2.665 m (8.746 ft)

Nattrip offers several Expedition itineraries through Serra da Mantiqueira in Brazil. It includes visiting these peaks and their magnificent views. For some Expeditions, experience is required, however, there are options for beginners too. Explore with us and get to know these paradises!

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