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Serra dos Órgãos in Rio de Janeiro is a mountain range in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The region shelters the famous Serra dos Órgãos National Park and the Três Picos State Park. The range is covered by extensive areas of the Atlantic Forest and innumerable headwaters begin flowing down from there. It is the mountain range where the city of Petrópolis, of great historic relevance, is encrusted.

This mountain chain is part of Serra do Mar, it covers an area that surpasses 20 thousand hectares (49.421 acres). The name comes from the resemblance between its sheer rock formations and pipe organs used in old churches. Along the ridge, the altitude scale comparing to the sea level goes above two thousand meters (6.561 ft). The mountains named Dedo de Deus (God´s finger) and Escalavrado are icons of the place. Altogether with the neighbor peaks, they shape scarped rock walls that have dramatic characteristics. Serra dos Órgãos in Rio de Janeiro can be seen on any clear day from within the city of Rio.

The Serra dos Órgãos in Rio de Janeiro is a conservation area. It spans through the municipalities of Guapimirim, Magé, Petrópolis and Teresópolis, enclosing an area of 20.030 hectares (49.495 acres). It opens throughout the year for permanent visitation and it is managed by ICMBio, a Brazilian autarchy related to the Environmental Ministry. In spite of being open the whole year, from may to september, adventurers from all over come seeking contact with nature and enjoy the mountaineering season. The main activity is trekking and backpacking, and the main itinerary is crossing the Petrópolis Teresópolis traverse. It takes 3 days to cross and is considered to be the most beautiful trekking in Brazil.

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