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Rio de Janeiro tourism is famous for its breathtaking landscapes, its laid back beach culture and its carnival, but tourism in Rio de Janeiro can not be restricted to these few cultural characteristics. The city offers a bounty of experiences for intrepid travellers.

Nattrip DMC and travel agency offers several options of tours in the city of Rio de Janeiro and to nearby cities. We have tours through beaches and mountains enjoying the exuberant beauty of Rio de Janeiro tourism as well as cultural and historical itineraries of the city that once was the capital of the country. Nattrip provides experiences always trying to understand your desires and offer the best of tourism in Rio de Janeiro, according to your needs.

When it comes to Rio de Janeiro tourism, one can not leave aside the adventure. The city has two of the world’s largest urban forests. With so much green area preserved, Nattrip offers many adventure itineraries for you to enjoy! Among the adventures in Rio de Janeiro tourism, the possibilities range from light trails to high level rock climbing. It goes through paragliding, expeditions and trekking allowing the customers to try unforgettable experiences according to the disposition and physical level of each person.

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