Chapada Diamantina Trekking Expedition – 08 days – Lençóis (Bahia) – Brazil

Considered one of the most beautiful trekkigns  in Brazil, the Pati Valley or ‘Vale do Pati’ at Chapada Diamantina is an extensive area surrounded by mountains and extensive flat areas, full of waterfalls and natural beauties, where nature remained practically untouched in the state of Bahia, in the northeast of Brazil. The region was used for a long time to plant coffee, by fertile soil, unlike many other regions affected by diamond mining.

The Chapada Diamentina Trekking is a complete experience. In addition to the countless natural beauties such as Cachoeirão, the Cave of the Castles, there is the contact with the history, the habits and the local culture, contributing to the sustainability of the region.

The Expedition begins and finish at Salvador City (Brazil) Airport, and it’s done in 8 days with 6 trekking days.

Chapada Diamantina Trekking Expedition Highlights

What is the itinerary of Chapada Diamantina Trekking Expedition?

Day 1: Salvador (Bahia-Brazil) Airport x Lençóis City (Chapada Diamantina)
  • Reception at the airport or bus station and transfer to the hostel / hotel.

Hiking distance: –
Overnight mode: Hostel at Lençóis

Day 2: Pai Inácio Mount x Capão Valley Trek
  • The departure is at 8:30am starting with a car drive until the start of the trail. The hike is flat most of the time, with incredible views of the hill of Pai Inácio, hill of the Camel and the mountains of the Mucugezinho and the Crystals.  Then, we arrive at Morrão, which is a mandatory stop for a snack and a relaxing swim in the natural pools of Águas Claras. The trail follows unitl Capão valley, encountering the support car and ending the day in the village of Capão.

Hiking distance: 14km
Overnight mode: Lodge

Day 3: Fumaça Waterfall Trek
  • The walking tour starts at 8:30am with a car drive to the Capão Valley. From there, we start the 6 km walk to the top of the Fumaça Waterfall (2km uphill / 4km flat). Snacking on the trail with the 400m high canyon offers a view of the highest waterfall in the country. Return by the same route and visit to the Riachinho Waterfall, returning to village in the late afternoon.

Hiking distance: 12 km
Overnight mode: Lodge

Day 4: Capão Valley x Pati Valley Trek
  • The departure from the hostel is at 8:00am with a transfer to the beginning of the trail. The first part of the walk is the ascent from the Pump to the Vieira, with the incredible view of the Capão Valley, followed by the crossing of Vieira and Rio Preto, two extensive flat areas of about 14 km. There will be a stop for snack in the Mirante, enjoying the landscapes of Serra da Lapinha and Morro do Pati. We finish the trail by arriving at the home of the first native resident.

Hiking distance: 23 km
Overnight mode: Lodge

Day 5: Pati Valley: Funis Waterfall and Castle’s Grove
  • The departure is in the morning, towards the Funis River, where we will begin our more technical walk, almost all by the side of the river, passing by incredible waterfalls and wells to the Funis waterfall. After the stop for a bath and a snack, we reach the second part of the day. We will follow a trail going up to the Serra da Lapinha to visit the Castle Cave, a huge cave of quartzite located at the top, where it is possible to cross it and enjoy the view from the other side of the valley. At the end of the afternoon we arrive at the native home of the following inhabitant.

Hiking distance: 12 km
Overnight mode: Lodge

Day 6: Top ‘Cachoeirão’ Waterfall Trek
  • After breakfast, we walk towards the top view of Cachoeirão, one of the biggest attractions of the Pati, which is an impressive waterfall of 300m with several waterfalls, reaching almost 20 in the rainy season. There will be a stop for a snack and a bath, and return to the Valley in the late afternoon.

Hiking distance: 18 km
Overnight mode: Lodge

Day 7: Pati Valley x Guiné Trek x Lençóis
  • On the last day of hiking 15 km, crossing the Gerais of Rio Negro, we end the expedition in the village of Guine. There is a good climb at the beginning of the day, but the rest of the way is flat, with a stop for snack and a bath in Rio Preto. The last stretch of the trail is the descent by the Morro do Beco, arriving at Guiné, with a late afternoon view to the Serra do Esbarrancado. In the end there will be a transfer by car to Lençóis.

Hiking distance: 15
Overnight mode: Hostel at Lençóis

Day 8: Lençóis City (Chapada Diamantina) x Salvador (Bahia) Airport

Hiking distance: –

The Chapada Diamantina Trekking Expedition begins and finish at Salvador City (Brazil) Airport, and it’s donne in 8 days with 6 days off a low level technical trekkig.

What’s included in the Chapada Diamantina Trekking Expedition?

  • Leader specialized in long-course hikes and trained with first-aid fundamentals ;
  • Guided Chapada Diamantina Trekking ;
  • Receptive and transfer in Salvador airport (Brazil) to Lençois (Chapda Diamantina) at day 01;
  • Transfers for all described tours;
  • All access fees;
  • 2 nights in Lençóis City in Hostel with breakfast;
  • 2 in the capão valley in natives’ houses;
  • 3 in the Pati Valley in natives’ houses;
  • Meals during the trekking (day 2 to day 7) (breakfast / trail sanck / dinner);
  • Transfer by road or airport x Salvador Airport (day 08);
  • Travel insurance (hospital expenses);
  • Gear purchasing advisory before departure (at your disposal).
Not included:
  • Meals and drinks not mentioned in inclusions ;
  • Medications of personal use;
  • Gratuities and donations ;
  • Any item not described as included;

What to bring to the Chapada Diamantina Trekking Expedition?

What you need to bring (Mandatory) :

  • ID or Passaport;
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Trekking Backpack (minimun of 50l)
  • Sleeping bag (for 5~10ºc confort);
  • Walking stick (01 or 02);
  • Headlight and batteries;
  • Bottle of water;
  • Boot / Hiking shoes;
  • Dry Fit / Polyamide shirts;
  • Anorak;
  • Toilet paper;
  • Cell phone;
  • Sancks for the trekking (between meals).

Where do we meet to go to Chapada Diamantina Trekking?

Departure Time

Pick-up time: 12:00 am
Pick-up point: Salvador Airport (or your hosting at Salvador City)

Departure Time Comments

  • Times are subject to change due to local traffic conditions.

Return Location

  • Salvador Airport (or your hosting at Salvador City).

FAQ Chapada Diamantina Trekking Expedition

Is it safe?

Nattrip operates this tour regularly and never had any issues regarding safety. Regarding inherent risks involved, please be aware to read “Exposure” iconograph before booking this product. Incidents such as falls, twists and scratches happen very often. It is mandatory to follow the instructions of the Leaders and to use safety equipment when requested.

Will my cell phone work? Wi-fi spots?
How does the food works? What do we eat?

During trekking we will have included one main meal per day, usually pasta with proteins. If you’re vegetarian, vegan or has any restrictions please advise our staff before departure. While exercising we don’t recommend meals, only snacks. Breakfast is not included. Therefore, we kindly ask you to bring your breakfast and snacks, both can be combined together. We highly recommend nut mixes.

How do we get water?

The water is 100% natural water and contains living microorganisms. If you’re not used to this type of ingestion, we recommend the use of water purification.

Are there bathroom facilities?

Yes. The mountain shelters provide bathroom facilities designed for minimum environmental impact. Please bring garbage bag and toilet paper with you for any emergency use.

How’s the group? Who will I be travelling with?

Our expeditions consists of small groups. In case of large number of people, we will divide into small groups that will hike with minimum interval. Other people might join the same group. If you want to go on a private group, contact us before booking.

What kind of gear do I need? What are the luggage restrictions? Packing tips?

A comfortable backpacking pack (60L minimum) is mandatory. Camping gear will be provided. Rentals are available in case you need, please let us know prior to departure. Assistance before departure is available, contact us.

What are the vaccines needed? What about the Zyka Virus?

Yellow fever vaccine is mandatory. Aedes Aegypti is an urban mosquito, it does not proliferate in wild natural environments. No diseases transmitted by this mosquito will be found in the natural places visited (dengue, zyka, etc)

Do I have to bring cash?
Where do we sleep?
Any wildlife risks?

The highest risk are venomous animals. They usually get away from humans, but there is the possibility to find snakes or spiders along the way.

What’s the physical effort involved?
What ages is it suitable?

Each person knows their limits. We don’t limit anybody, but we don’t recommend to youngers less than 12 years old.


1 Person

950,00USD per person

2 Persons

700,00USD per person

3+ Persons

650,00USD per person

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Schedule and Outings

This tour has daily departure

• Daily departure available

• Please consider that this tour requires booking 3 days in advance and depends on minimum quorum


  • More than 5 participants, contact us!

Group type

  • Small groups (10 persons max)
  • Bilingual Leaders (Professional Tour Guides)
  • Satellite monitoring with SPOT Gen3

Group type

  • Small groups (10 persons max)
  • Open for any customer to join
  • Bilingual Leaders (Professional Tour Guides)
  • Satellite monitoring with SPOT Gen3
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