Hiking Waterfall Rio de Janeiro – Circuit of Cascades

What is the Hiking Waterfall Rio de Janeiro?

The Hiking Waterfall Rio de Janeiro is a tour that takes you to a sequence of waterfalls located within the boundaries of Tijuca National Park. We make all our way through the trails and it is classified as a light hike. The place reserves beautiful specimens of flora and habitually some wild animals.

We start our hike towards the Jequitiba waterfall and follow the trails along with the river and its waterfalls, until arrive at the Shower waterfall. This one is also known as Box waterfall due to the format that the rock presents. All waterfalls on the tour are cleared for showering.

The Hiking Waterfall Rio de Janeiro is an excellent alternative to the overcrowded beaches of the city. Come refresh yourself in the waterfalls of Rio de Janeiro with Nattrip. Book your tour!

Hiking Waterfall Rio de Janeiro Highlights

  • Take a bath in beautiful waterfalls
  • Get to know some of the most visited waterfalls of Rio de Janeiro
  • Get to know the Tijuca National Park

Important things you should know before booking!

Important information
  • Before booking any product, check the risks involved, what’s included, the necessary equipment and the FAQ. If doubts arise, contact us.
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  • The excessive ingestion of alcoholic beverages or the use of drugs, as well as the carrying of weapons of any kind, before or during activities, is not allowed under penalty of exclusion of the participant.
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How to get in touch with us?
  • Send an e-mail to contato@nattrip.com.br with your name, id, booked tour and callback information.
  • Via Whatsapp our number is +55 (21) 96931-8893.
  • If you are in Rio de Janeiro, direct call 3264-0182 or 96931-8893.
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Frequently asked questions about the Hiking Waterfall Rio de Janeiro

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Price per person for Hiking Waterfall Rio de Janeiro – Circuit of Cascades

1 person = R$ 170,00
2 persons = R$ 170,00
3 persons = R$ 155,00
4 persons = R$ 135,00
5 or more persons = R$ 110,00

* Value with 10% discount for payments via deposit or bank transfer.


We work with small groups!
‣ 1 guide for 6 people
‣‣ For larger Groups, more guides will lead the activity

From: R$195,50

Do you want to include any of our optional services?



122,23 BRL (10% of discount)

110,00BRL per person on local deposit or transfer

122,23 BRL for payments with Credit Cards, PayPal or PagSeguro (up to 3x without interests)


• Daily departure available;

• Please consider that this tour requires booking at least one day in advance.

Type of Groups

  • Group: open to any customer to join*;
  • Private: exclusive to the customer that booked;

*It is necessary a minimum quorum of 2 participants for the activity to occur. In case you are booking alone, you will automatically join an existing group or create a new one depending on the chosen date. Nattrip will work to hit the minimum quorum but if we are not successful, you may reschedule your activity or ask for a full refund.

Maps and Orienteering

Map Pedra da Gavea Hike


  • Tijuca National Park, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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