Arraial do Cabo, located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, is a coastal city that impresses with its paradisiacal beaches with white sands and crystal-clear waters. Among the highlights of this region, the schooner tour to Arraial do Cabo is a must-try experience.

Arraial do Cabo is an invitation to enjoy the natural beauty of the beaches and the clear waters of the region. The schooner tour to Arraial do Cabo is a unique opportunity to visit some of the most stunning beaches in Brazil, dive into crystal-clear waters, and appreciate the rich marine life.

Highlights of the Schooner Tour in Arraial do Cabo

  • Schooner tour of the main beaches of Arraial do Cabo
  • Visit Praia do Farol, Prainhas do Pontal, Gruta Azul, Fenda de Nossa Senhora, and Pedra do Gorila.
  • Enjoy a delicious lunch at a local restaurant.

Photos of the Schooner Tour in Arraial do Cabo

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How is the Tour Arraial do Cabo?

The Tour Arraial do Cabo is beautiful and considered one of the most paradisaical itineraries of the coast of Rio de Janeiro.

Arraial do Cabo is a coastal city in the region known as Região dos Lagos (Lake region) of Rio de Janeiro, with beautiful lakes, crystal clear waters and calm sea, it is affectionately called the Brazilian Caribbean. A true paradise for lovers of diving and one of the most beautiful and paradisaical places in Brazil.

The Tour Arraial do Cabo starts with the boarding procedure in the main hotels in the south and center zones of Rio de Janeiro. In a comfortable transportation that may be a van, minibus or bus, we will move towards the region known as Costa do Sol. On the way we can appreciate beautiful landscapes and our arrival is scheduled for 12pm, there will be stops in snack bars during the trip.

Upon arrival, we will board the schooner for the tour Arraial do Cabo, visiting beautiful beaches and the main tourist attractions of the coastal city, check out the itinerary:

Itinerary of the tour Arraial do Cabo

Praia do Farol – It’s located in an ecological reserve and under the protection of the Brazilian Navy. Considered by some as the most beautiful beach in Brazil, its waters are incredibly transparent and its sand very white.

Prainhas do Pontal – Also known as Prainhas (Small beaches), it is divided in two sand beaches separated by rocks. Because of the rock shore and the transparent waters, it is perfect for diving, being a point of stop for boat tours.

Gruta Azul – Its opening is 3 meters wide and inside it we have a beautiful hall of 15 meters in height, with its internal walls in golden and silver tones.

Fenda de Nossa Senhora – The origin of its name comes from the story of a fisherman who in 1721 found there a statue of Our Lady of Aparecida.

Pedra do Gorila – Its shape says it all.

Praia do Forno – Located in a cove, Forno beach is accessible only by boat or a steep trail. Besides the preserved forest, clear waters and corals, it also houses a floating restaurant specialized in oysters and seafood.

Note: Some of the attractions may be unavailable due to sea conditions.

After the boat tour Arraial do Cabo we will move on for lunch in a delicious local restaurant. After lunch, we return to Rio de Janeiro, with a quick stop, for a coffee and snacks, water or to go to the bathroom. Our arrival is expected at 8pm.

Escape the bustle of Rio de Janeiro and book this beautiful boat tour in Arraial do Cabo. We offer all the comfort, transportation, lunch and visits to the main tourist attractions of this beautiful city of crystalline waters. Try Arraial do Cabo with Nattrip!

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