Tour Petrópolis – The Imperial City – Departing from Rio de Janeiro

Explore the historic city of Petrópolis on a tour that combines culture, natural beauty, and architectural heritage. Visit the Imperial Museum, the former summer residence of Emperor Dom Pedro II, and marvel at its stunning architecture. Stroll through the charming streets of the city center, visit the Crystal Palace, and enjoy breathtaking views of the mountains in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro. Finish the day with a visit to a traditional local brewery, where you can savor high-quality craft beers. A tour of Petrópolis is an enriching journey through the history and beauty of the region.


  • Come and discover the main tourist attractions of the imperial city of Rio de Janeiro
  • Have the opportunity to see  the crown of Dom Pedro II
  • You can choose between taking a gastronomic tour at the Brewery after lunch, or having some free time to shop on Rua Tereza.

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• Please consider that this tour requires booking at least one day in advance.

From: R$275,00

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306,00 BRL (10% of discount)

275,00BRL per person on local deposit or transfer

306,00 BRL for payments with Credit Cards or PayPal (up to 3x without interests)

Types of Departures for the Tour Petrópolis

  • Group with transport: open to many customers who want to join the tour at the same date.

How is the Tour Petropolis The Imperial City?

The Tour Petropolis will take you to see several tourist and cultural attractions of the city of Petrópolis with its historical buildings. Founded on the initiative of Emperor Dom Pedro II, Petropolis is often called the Imperial City.

Departing from Rio de Janeiro, embark on comfortable transportation with air conditioning. During the way it is possible to appreciate beautiful images with beautiful panoramic views of Serra dos Órgãos. We start the tour Petropolis towards the former summer residence of Emperor Dom Pedro II, where he spent long periods with his family before the proclamation of the republic in 1889. We will then experience a rich visit to the Imperial Museum, home to a collection of emblematic pieces, as the emperor’s famous crown. The scenario reconstructs the daily life of the imperial family and presents cultural, social and economic aspects of Brazil in the 19th century. You will know the history of the Brazilian Empire and see what the daily life of the imperial family was like.

The Tour Petrópolis leads to the Cathedral of St. Peter of Alcantara, an imposing neo-Gothic building, inspired by the French and German cathedrals. Its Imperial Mausoleum has the remains of Dom Pedro II, the Empress Teresa Cristina and Princess Isabel. We will stop for lunch, which is paid separately, not included in the tour.

After lunch, the guide will continue presenting the spacious avenues of the Imperial City up to the Crystal Palace, where Princess Isabel promoted parties and solemnities. Our next destination is the Santos Dumont house. His residence has turned into a museum that has a collection of objects, books, letters and furniture. You will be charged a R$10 (ten reais) entry fee at Santos Dumont’s house. We continue to Rua Tereza street, a renowned shopping street in the center of Petropolis, which has a pole of hundreds of shops, most of it is self-made clothing. We end our Tour Petropolis on a delicious and tasty visit to the Patrone chocolate factory, which was founded in 1913 and pioneered the manufacture of Easter eggs in Brazil.

Book your Tour Petropolis, visit the charms, history and beauties of the Imperial City.

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