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The Algarve region, or simply Algarve, is the southernmost of all the regions in the country. It is the most important tourist region in Portugal and one of the most important in Europe. Being the second smallest region of mainland Portugal in terms of area, its population is almost 500 thousand inhabitants.

The region is limited to the north by the Alentejo Region, to the east by Spain, to the south and west by the Atlantic Ocean. Cape São Vicente, located in the village of Sagres, is the most southwestern point of continental Europe. In 2020, the Algarve was the second region in Portugal with the highest purchasing power, behind only the Lisbon Metropolitan Area. The Algarve has become one of the Portuguese regions with the largest number of foreign residents, mainly from other European countries.

In 2018, sixty-nine thousand of the inhabitants were not Portuguese, with citizens from France, Italy and Sweden having grown the most that year. However, citizens of British nationality continue to be the most representative among the foreign population residing in the Algarve.

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