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Hiking in Lisbon – 3 amazing short routes

Discover the beauties of Portugal with a different approach. Walk along fantastic coastal trails and discover the fascinating hiking routes in Lisbon and beyond.

Hiking in Lisbon in 3 incredible routes

These are trails involving wide bays of golden sand, along stunning cliffs, or inland, crossing the Sintra Forest and its lush peaks. Along the way, you will also be able to taste delicious cuisine and visit incredible historical sites. On to the tips!

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1) Biodiversity Route in Belém

The first of the Lisbon hikes we suggest is in Belém. With almost 15 km, located in Jardim Vasco da Gama, the Biodiversity Route connects the riverfront of the city with the Monsanto Forest Park. The objective is to discover Lisbon’s biodiversity among 18 points of interest, from the woods to urban farms and orchards. At each of these points, the ecotourist will find informative panels about the fauna and flora of the Portuguese capital.

Hike information:

  • Distance: 14 km.
  • The difficulty is considered low.

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2) Palace of Sintra

Among the possible hikes in Lisbon, the second one that we recommend is located on the outskirts of the capital, more specifically in Sintra, where the Palace of Sintra is located. The palace, the Moorish Castle and the Pena Palace form an 11 km circular track that is popular with residents and tourists. This track offers panoramic views and is graded as moderate.

The trail is mainly used for hiking and walking and is accessible throughout the year. This tour takes you to the beautiful historic sites of the Palace of Sintra, which is the best preserved medieval royal palace in Portugal. It also passes by the Moorish Castle, which was founded during the 9th century and the Pena Palace with its 19th century architectural style and its breathtaking views.

Hike information:

  • Distance: 10 km.
  • The difficulty is considered moderate.

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3) Cresmina Dune Trail in Cascais

The third of the hikes in Lisbon that we recommend is in Caiscais. Starting from the Cresmina Dune Interpretation Center, this route is only two kilometers long, but it is still recommended. It is along the so-called Guincho-Cresmina dune system, where the ecotourist will find ponds, a source of fresh water, native plants such as the divine root or the beach sabina, as well as sand lizards or a bird known as beach hawthorn. There are informational panels that help you identify everything.

Hike information:

  • Distance: 2 km.
  • The difficulty is considered low.

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What to pack for your hikes in Lisbon?

  1. Appropriate footwear: Trails require adequate footwear, always closed. The most common options are hiking shoes and hiking boots, waterproof or not.
  2. Navigation items (map, compass and GPS): Even on well-marked trails, it is always good to take a navigation instrument. They are useful in case there is an emergency situation that forces you to deviate from the trail or in case you simply get lost.
  3. Extra water and water purification tablets: Insufficient water consumption makes the body more susceptible to hypothermia, affects the functioning of the body as a whole and can leave you at extreme risk. Therefore, it is essential to always carry enough water for your round trip.
  4. Safety items: flashlight, whistle, emergency blanket and lighter: Even if the trail you are going to take is short and apparently quiet, always carry some safety items that can literally save your life in emergencies: flashlight, whistle and emergency blanket.
  5. Rain clothes and extra change of clothes: As much as you check the weather forecast, choose your clothes in order to be prepared for rain and take an extra change in case of emergencies.
  6. First aid kit and hygiene: The importance of a first aid kit needs no explanation. A good hiking kit should include ointment for stings and allergies, Band-Aid dressings of varying sizes, gauze, bandages, tape, wound antiseptic, and pain medication.

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No less important, it is worth recommending that, when preparing for hiking in Lisbon, hire the services of a tourism agency specializing in ecotourism and adventure tourism. You will certainly have professionals who will help you choose what to bring, in addition to carrying the necessary items on the day of the activity. Have a good hike!

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Graduated in Tourism at Universidade Anhembi Morumbi in São Paulo, Natália is passionate about travel. Seeks to conquer different opportunities, willing to acquire more knowledge and experience new things.

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