Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, the political center of the country, seat of government and the residence of the head of state. It is also known as the “Lusofonia Lighthouse”, since the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP) has its headquarters in the city. It is also the westernmost capital of the European continent on the Atlantic coast.

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal

Lisbon is considered a global city due to its importance in financial, commercial, media, artistic, educational and tourist aspects. It is one of the main economic centers on the European continent. Financial progress is visibly increasing, favored by the largest port on the Atlantic coast of Europe. The territory of Lisbon is subdivided into 24 districts and its airport receives more than 20 million passengers annually.

Transport in Lisbon

In addition to the motorways, Lisbon has the Alfa Pendular high-speed rail network, which connects other major cities to the capital. Globally, the city was the thirty-fifth city with the highest number of tourists in 2015. It counted more than one million and seven hundred thousand tourists in 2009, having surpassed in 2014 the mark of three million and three hundred thousand, and counting with about four million visitors in the year of 2015.

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Tourism in the Lisbon region

Nattrip Ecoturismo Portugal offers active or contemplative tourism tours around Lisbon and nearby towns. Tourism services in Lisbon are made up of a range of possibilities and attractions that the city offers.

About tourism in the city of Lisbon:

  • We go through detailed creation and curation processes in our service catalog.
  • We constantly evaluate different types of nature tours, adventure tours, historical and cultural options, contemplative city tours, gastronomic tours and much more.
  • Feel the city of Lisbon, don’t just stick to the basics.
  • Traveling is much more than seeing… it’s living!

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