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Paiva Walkways – Arouca

The Paiva River is one of the most beautiful rivers in Portugal, with clean and crystalline water. Along its course, a circuit of footbridges called Paiva Walkways (Passadiços do Paiva) was installed, which provide an enchanting experience for ecotourists heading to the Arouca region.

Paiva walkways 01

With its beautiful nature, first of all it is very important to remind you that:

  • In any nature trip you do you must always keep it clean, and produce as little waste as possible.
  • To preserve the nature of the place, it is very important to have with you a compartment to store all the garbage produced, including organic.

The Paiva Walkways

One of the best ways to enjoy all that the Paiva River has to offer is by taking the Paiva Walkways. It is about 9 kilometers of symmetry with the river and its beautiful nature.

It is worth mentioning that it is necessary to follow some rules to avoid accidents. This applies to the Paiva Walkways and its river beaches. Always respect the route signage.

There are several points along the river that offer tourist infrastructure and some very fun activities. Discover, for example, rafting on the Paiva River.

The region is also home to the longest pedestrian bridge in the world, 516 Arouca Bridge (Ponte 516 Arouca). To purchase tickets for both attractions, the ecotourist can visit the Paiva Walkways website or the 516 Bridge website.

It is possible and also fun to visit the place in winter. However, the vast majority of tourists visit the Paiva Walkways during the hot summer months. At that time, the solution to cool off is to take a dip in one of the 3 fantastic river beaches along the route.

The 3 river beaches along the Paiva Walways

The Paiva Walkways take you to Areinho, Espiunca and Vau beaches Discover a little more about each of the three river beaches that the Paiva River offers.

Areinho River Beach

In addition to a refreshing dip, it is also possible to carry out various types of activities and sports such as kayaking and rafting. The beach has a parking space for 30 cars, and there is also a bar, bathrooms, showers, a volleyball court and barbecue facilities.

Paiva Walkways - Areinho River Beach

Espiunca River Beach

The Espiunca river beach is about 15 kilometers from Arouca. The water depth is not much as the Paiva River does not usually have much water during the hottest summer months. However the water is clean and warm.

Crossing the bridge to the other bank, there is a good infrastructure to support the Paiva walkways, which also serve as support for vacationers on this small beach: a bar, some picnic tables and even beanbags to relax.

Paiva Walkways - Espiunca River Beach

Vau River Beach

Whilst the river beaches of Areinho and Espiunca are located at both ends of the Paiva Walkways, the river beach of Vau is located in the middle the way.

Despite being a relatively small beach, it is quite popular, as it is very quiet and refreshing. It has a small support bar and bathrooms.

On this beach it is also possible to perform various water sports such as canoeing, rafting and etc. The vegetation provides an abundance of shade and gives a welcoming atmosphere to the beach.

Paiva Walkways - Vau River Beach

It is always important to remember to bring water with you, because the way is a little long and in the hot times during summer the temperature can get very high. The river beaches are great for anyone looking to cool off.

The nature of the place enchants everyone and makes ecotourists want to come back again.

Laís Vieira dos Santos

Laís Vieira dos Santos


Graduated in Tourism at Universidade Anhembi Morumbi in São Paulo, Laís seeks to conquer different opportunities around the world, willing to acquire more knowledge and live new experiences.

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