Mount Roraima Expedition

Mount Roraima 9 and 11 days

The Mount Roraima is located on the triple border between Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana. It’s a tepuy, a type of formation in table format, and its summit is known by many as ‘The Lost World’.

This region is protected in Venezuelan by the Canaima National Park and in Brazil by Monte Roraima National Park. The summit rises in the Venezuelan territory reaching 2.810 m of altitude. The ascent to the imposing Mount Roraima is a must to every hiker, and a 7-day trekking is the minimum required.

This Expedition provides 3 to 5 out of the 09 or 11 days at the top of the tepuy, exploring all its extension and attractions up to the Mount’s bow. A complete beautiful trekking at the South American Lost World.

Our Mout Roraima expedition starts and finishes in the city of Boa Vista (Roraima State – Brazil)  at your hosting (or the airport of Boa Vista) and  has private transfer in and out to the trekking for your comfort and safety.

Check out the complete itinerary, what is included, watch the video and adventure with us at the Mount Roraima Trekking!

Mount Roraima Trekking – Highlights

  • Backpacking to the beautifull ‘Lost World’;
  • Get to know the triple Frontier between Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana;
  • Hike and camp in the 7th highest Mountain in Brazil;
  • One of the most beautiful and classic trekkings in the world.

What’s included in Mount Roraima Trekking?


  • Transfer in Boa Vista airport (Brazil) to Santa Helena (Venezuela) at day 01;
  • 02 nights at Hostel in St. Helena (Venezuela) with breakfast;
  • 4×4 round transfer to Paratepuy (first and last expedition day);
  • Guided expedition to Mount Roraima Summit;
  • Leader specialized in long-course hikes and trained with first-aid fundamentals;
  • First-aid kit;
  • Carriers (Sherpas) for tents and food;
  • Full mountain meals during trekking: Breakfast, lunch and dinner (cooking service included);
  • Food advising (for snacks during the trekking) before leaving;
  • Camping tents (2-person shared);
  • Farewell lunch in San Francisco on the last trekking day;
  • Gear purchasing advisory before departure (at your disposal);
  • Remote monitoring of the Expedition;
  • SpotGen3 satelite remote tracking and monitoring;
  • Gift from Nattrip Expedições.

Not included:

  • Travel Insurance (mandatory);
  • Permission to get in Paratepuy (personally asked in loco);
  • Personal use medications;
  • Any item not described as included.

What to bring to Mount Roraima Trekking?

Mandatory documents:

  • Identity document (Passaport)
  • International Vaccination Certificate – Yellow Fever (Sarampo recommended)

Mandatory Equipment :

  • Trekking Backpack (minimun of 50l);
  • Sleeping bag (for 0ºc confort);
  • Sleeping Pad;
  • Walking stick (01 or 02);
  • Headlight and batteries;
  • Bottle of water (minimun of 2l);
  • Boot / Hiking shoes;
  • Dry Fit / Polyamide shirts;
  • Anorak /Fleece;
  • Waste compartment;
  • Backpack rain cover;
  • Toilet paper;
  • Cellphone;
  • Sandals
  • Snacks for the day.

Optional personal gear:

  • Fleece;
  • Second Skin (shirt and legs);
  • Thermals;
  • Trekking pants;
  • Bathing suits;
  • Bandanas;
  • Towels;
  • Hats or caps;
  • Backup headlamp and batteries;
  • Multi-purpose pocket knife;
  • Dry bag/sack;
  • Technical packs;
  • Sunglasses;
  • Digital camera;
  • Poncho;
  • Wet wipes;
  • Solar protector;
  • Lip balm;
  • Emergency Blanket;
  • Paracord 3-5 mm;
  • Water purification tablets;
  • Silvertape;
  • Energy gels;
  • Personal use medications.

Where do we meet to go to Mount Roraima Trekking?

Departure point and times:

  • 14:00 – your hosting (or Boa Vista airport) at Boa Vista city (Roraima – Brazil).

Total Duration: 09 or 11 days finishing around 15:00 at your hosting (or Boa Vista Airport) in Boa Vista city.

Expedition Pick-up point:

Where does the trekking take place?

FAQ Mount Roraima Trekking Expedition

How many kilometers, on average, will we walk a day on the Monte Roraima Trekking in 09 days?

Day 1 – Receptive at Boa Vista city;
Day 2 – 12 km and 04 hours;
Day 3 – 09 km and 05 hours;
Day 4 – 03 km and 04 hours;
Day 5 – 07 km and 04 hours;
Day 6 – 12 km and 06 hours;
Day 7 – 15 km and 06 hours;
Day 8 – 12 km and 04 km;
Day 9 – Return at Boa Vista city.

What about the political situation in Venezuela: is it safe to trek to Monte Roraima?

Nattrip have been doing the trek to Mount Roraima monthly and we never had any type of  incident until then as to the return to Brazil or during the trekking. Being regular the whole operation of trekking to the summit of Mount Roraima.

Is there any cell phone signal during the trekking days?

There is no cell phone signal during the trekking days. For those who wish to use the mobile device for photos it is valid to carry a ‘power bank’ during the activity. The Guides will carry radio communicators in communication with Canaima National Park. In Santa Helena (Venezuela) there is internet.

How does trekking for Mount Roraima work?

In the  Mount Roraima expedition we have full melas during the trekking: breakfast, snacks during the day and dinner on the hiking days.

During the meals  we will make standard and very complete meals like: rice, pasta, meats such as steer, chicken, calabrese varying and salad inclusive. Food-restricted participants (vegetarians and vegans) should advise Nattrip when making the reservation.

How is the use of toilets while hiking to the summit of Mount Roraima?

We’ll use a mobile toilet, with a chair frame that will be our toilet. Everything is taken by the porters back to the beginning of the trail, so that nothing will remain on the mountain for the minimun impact.

How’s the group? Who will I be travelling with?

Our expeditions consists of small groups. In case of large number of people, we will divide into small groups that will hike with minimum interval. Other people might join the same group. If you want to go on a private group, contact us before booking.

What kind of gear do I need? What are the luggage restrictions? Packing tips?

A comfortable backpacking pack (50L minimum) is mandatory. Camping gear will be provided. Rentals are available (under availability) in case you need, please let us know prior to departure. Assistance before departure is available, contact us.

What are the vaccines needed? What about the Zyka Virus?

Yellow fever vaccine is mandatory. Aedes Aegypti is an urban mosquito, it does not proliferate in wild natural environments. No diseases transmitted by this mosquito will be found in the natural places visited (dengue, zyka, etc)

Do I have to bring cash?

We always recommend to bring cash with you. In Paracaima there is possibility to buy local handcraft and souvenirs. Drinks and tips are not included also.

Where do we  will sleep?

While trekking the overnights will be in camping sites nearby in double tents. In Santa Helena (Venezuela) the overnight stays will be in hostel in collective rooms.

Any wildlife risks?

The highest risk are venomous animals. They usually get away from humans, but there is the possibility to find snakes or spiders along the way.

What ages is it suitable?

Each person knows their limits. We don’t limit anybody, but we don’t recommend to youngers less than 12 years old.

If the weather forecast is unfavorable, is the expedition canceled / deferred?

Nattrip constantly monitors the weather forecast for the specific microclimate of Mount Roraima, including during the expedition. If Nattrip agency and /or Activity Guides understand that the physical integrity risks inherent to natural activity are being exceeded, the event may be postponed or cancelled.

For the Mount Roraima Trekking Expedition 09-day itinerary, we have transfers, porters, all meals, tents, lodging (and more!) Included in the package making the trip very comfortable for all participants.

This 11-day package is ideal for those who want to discover the main attractions of Mount Roraima, staying 3 dias at the top.

For the Mount Roraima Trekking Expedition 11-day itinerary, we have transfers, porters, all meals, tents, lodging (and more!) Included in the package making the trip very comfortable for all participants.

This 11-day package is ideal for those who want to know the most distant attractions of Mount Roraima. The more you walk on the top of Mount Roraima, the more you want to spend a longer time there.


Expedicion Monte Roraima mapa


  • Canaima National Park, Venezuela
  • Monte Roraima Nacional Park, Brazil
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Open Group - 9 Days Expedition


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Schedule and Outings

This tour has daily departure 

• Daily departure available on private basis;

• Please consider that this tour requires booking 15 days in advance.

Group type

  • Small groups (10 persons max);
  • Bilingual Leaders (Professional Tour Guides);
  • Satellite monitoring with SPOT Gen3;
  • Privative transfer in and out Boa Vista (Roraima, Brazil) at your hosting.

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