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Rappel Rio de Janeiro presents some of the nicest experiences in the city.

What is the Rappel activity?

Also known as abseiling, the rappel activity is basically a rope-descent using climbing equipment and a belay device, that breaks the descent while you go down. Although most of the times the practitioner has to hike up (or climb up) to the rappelling spot, the descent itself doesn’t involve physical effort, but the adrenaline level will definitely increase.

Rappelling in Rio de Janeiro

The experience of rappelling in Rio de Janeiro is quite unique, specially due to the city magical views. The rappel activity originates as a technique used by rock climbers to descend from mountains and is widely used in various military institutions. Currently rappelling/abseiling is one of the main activities of adventure tourism in Brazil, specially the ones in cascades or caves. Nowadays this activity is much sought after by tourists and sportsmen who want to feel the adrenaline and emotion while enjoying great views or accessing incredible hidden places.

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Rappel Rio de Janeiro

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