Adventure travel in Brazil – Find your experience!

Adventure travel in Brazil is for everybody, afterall Brazil is an incredible all-in-one destination. No wonder there are so many different attractions, types of tours and activities. Brazil adventure travel attractions include beaches, wild landscapes, remote natural areas, national parks and other off the beaten track places that anyone would love to visit.

You can find the perfect travel experience in the beach, in the mountains, in the desert and in the rainforest. Brazil is as big as the entire European continent, with a population that represents almost half of South America. There is so much to discover in this country!

Brazil represent an array of experiences for travellers, one of the most exotic countries in the world with its diverse wildlife. Add this to the variety of native tropical birds and thousands of beaches, some accessible only after long hikes, offering visitors more than just beautiful places to relax. Experience extraordinary landscapes, mountains covered in tropical vegetation, extravagant culture and energetic cities built amidst the natural beauty of Brazil.

What are the options for adventure travel in Brazil?

You can explore adventure travel in Brazil through trekking, mountain-biking, horseback riding, surfing, kite-surfing, hang-gliding, sailing, scuba diving and a lot more, for beginners and experts alike. This all takes place in an enormous variety of landscapes, from the lush tropical mountains along the coast to the dunes and deserts of the North and, of course, the world’s largest tropical rainforest. From an adventure in the Amazon jungle, to the blue caves of the Chapada Diamantina National Park, they are all classic Brazil destinations where adventure lovers will explode in happiness.

Ecotourism and wildlife trips are exciting and you can find adventure at an abundant rate in this expansive country. There are many unknown places begging to be explored. Choose your adventure travel in Brazil and leave worries behind!

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Soft adventure travel packages

Soft adventure is destined to those who want to experience adventure travel in Brazil in a moderate level, live fully and give your adrenaline a boost. No need to be an expert or to have previous experience. Bring the entire family to have fun together!

Hard adventure travel packages

Brazil holds some hidden rewards to those who venture. Hard adventure tourism stands for those options that require a bit of physical preparation. No need to be a pro, but body balance, mobility and plain health conditions are pre-requisites for some of these adventures. Are you ready for your next adventure travel in Brazil?

Wildlife travel packages

Adventure travel is also about wildlife. From atlantic rainforest to the amazon there is a long way of mountains, uplands, plains and deserts. Seek leopards, observe alligators or encounter the Amazonian pink dolphins, while you learn about endangered and endemic species, such as the Golden Lion Tamarin. There is much wildlife in Brazil to be found to learn about.

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