Trekking in Brazil – Mountains & Beaches

Trekking in Brazil is a constantly growing adventure option in the country. Brazilian nature is abundant and that’s the reason the country has created several environmental protection units and parks. Recently these conservation areas have been promoting tourism inside their boundaries as a form of protection. The idea is clear, the more good people inside more protected the area is.

Trekking is a word with South African origin, which means following a footpath or a walking path. As a result, it is commonly used to designate long-distance hiking, often involving overnight stays in natural environments, whether in campsites or shelters. In spite of this, this word is also used to denominate a sport that in Brazil is known like Endurance. To designate the adventure tourism option, we use this and other terms, such as Expeditions and Crossings. The term crossing however is more specific, designating a trajectory that crosses a region.

Trekking in Brazil, just as crossings and expeditions, provide us with unforgettable experiences and incalculable life lessons. In these adventures, the feelings provided by simple things is raised to a much greater degree than in everyday life. Just pay attention at the moment, enjoy what you are doing intensely. Simple sensations like tea-making when at the top of the mountains or on the edge of a deserted beach, turn into immensely pleasurable sensations. Everything seems to be the most important thing in the world when we find ourselves in the conditions of such an adventure.

However, such an adventure requires preparation, logistics, expertise and risk management. If the expedition is not well prepared, the participants may experience serious moments of discomfort. Nattrip is specialized in this type of adventure and operates several routes for you to go trekking in Brazil with fun, safety and comfort!

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Mountain Trekking

Mountain expedition activities bring us many life lessons. They provide us with unforgettable moments and incalculable experiences. Face obstacles and live a few days with different people, helping and asking for help, sharing moments … At the top of a mountain, every single thing we do seems to be the most important thing in the world.

We have Mountain expeditions and crossings in various formats. There are options for a single day, with overnight camping, with mountain shelters and even with wild camping.

Get to know the options in mountainous regions of Brazil:

Beaches and Islands Trekking

Beaches and Islands Trekking are coastal adventures that offer breathtaking scenery of paradisiacal beaches. This means a sea of blue and green tones with translucent waters and fine white sand. Elements that make the joy of the tourists that pass in these regions throughout the year.

Beaches and islands expeditions and crossings with options for all tastes. Adventures that provide experience exchanges with riverside and coastal fishermen remote communities.

Check the options in coastal regions of Brazil:

Trail Running – Coming Soon

Trail Running expeditions are options for those who enjoy mountain running and trail running. The routes demand a greater physical effort and most are designed to be completed in a single day. Get to know the Trail Running tours in Brazil that Nattrip has prepared:

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