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Itinerary of the Jalapão Experience

6-Day Itinerary of the Jalapão Experience

  • Day 1

    Arrival in Palmas

  • Day 2

    Arrival at Jalapão

    Lunch and Dinner included.


    Day 2

  • Day 3


    Exploring Sussuapara Canyon

    All meals included

  • Day 4

    Day of the Springs

    All meals included


    Day 4

  • Day 5


    Por Enquanto Spring

    Breakfast and Lunch included

    Return to Palmas.

  • Day 6


    See you next time!

    Day 6

We will pick you up at the Palmas airport/bus station (PMW) and take you to your hotel. Enjoy the rest of the day exploring the city as you wish!

All meals are included

We will depart towards Jalapão, with our first stop at the Lagoa do Japonês, a place of rare and unique beauty, with its crystal clear waters in shades of blue, and its rock formations for those who want to relax and enjoy the stunning natural beauty. We will take a break for a typical lunch at a local restaurant, offering an immersion in the region’s culture. Then we will visit the Pedra Furada, a huge sandstone rock sculpted by wind and rain, where we will have the opportunity to see a beautiful sunset. Dinner and overnight in Ponte Alta.

All meals are included

We will continue towards Mateiros. We will visit the Sussuapara Canyon, where 12-meter high walls form a curtain with vegetation and water that springs throughout the year. Our next stop will be the Rio Novo Community. We will have our lunch at a local restaurant. After a brief rest, we will enjoy a relaxing bath in the waters at Prainha do Rio Novo, also known as Pixico Beach. We will then head towards the famous Dunes of Jalapão, considered the only formation in the Cerrado. Here, the group will make a longer stop for photos and to enjoy a sunset. Dinner and overnight in Mateiros.

All meals are included

We will start the day early with an optional trekking at Morro do Sereno, where we can enjoy the sunrise in a breathtaking landscape. We will return to the inn for breakfast. After breakfast, we will head to the Formiga Waterfall, considered one of the most beautiful in Jalapão, with its emerald green waters providing a relaxing and rejuvenating bath. We will have lunch in the Quilombola Community of Mumbuca, the birthplace of golden grass. Then we will depart for the Ceiça Spring, a place that greatly impresses tourists and researchers, a pool of crystal clear water where it is impossible to sink, and bathers have the clear sensation of floating. Next, we will head to the Buritizinho and Bela Vista Springs. Dinner and overnight in São Félix.

Meals included: Breakfast and Lunch

We will depart towards Taquaruçu, but first, we will visit the Por Enquanto Spring. Next, we will explore the Araras Waterfall, which does not have a very large waterfall, but the stone wall full of greenery gives a wonderful tone to the view. There we will enjoy the most diverse lunch in the region. After lunch, we will begin our journey back to Palmas with a photo stop in front of the Cathedral Hill, considered one of the most impressive rock formations in Jalapão. Expected arrival in Palmas at 6:30 PM.

Meals included: Breakfast

Today our service will transport you back to the airport/bus station, according to your schedule.

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  • Jalapão, Brazil

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