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Brazilian cuisine is as diverse as the many different kinds of people within the country. Besides the rice, feijoada and bife, the most iconic food in Brazil comes from the northeast. It seems that the region spreads its culture, food, dance and music through the country. Some believe this is because they host a strong mix of native culture and African influence. There are some special recipes from certain regions like Pará with fish, shrimps or soups that have a complicated process in order to be made edible. Bahia is another Brazilian state rich in gastronomy, specially seafood.

Now when going down south, with the influence of the Pampas (local name for wide farm fields and its people), cow and pork meat along with several different vegetables are the main menu. The region is responsible for the famous Churrasco, typical of Brazilian cuisine. It’s a special way of preparing barbecue. The cuisine in Brazil is an exciting experience for any foreigner just like taking a stroll through the street markets with fresh food.

Tasting the tropical fruits is also a great experience for travellers. Even though some would just classically sit on the beach and sip from a fresh coconut. But remember, you can always ask for an açaí cream instead.

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Brazilian cuisine travel packages

Gastronomy is always a highlight of the trip and fortunately Brazil can provide unique experiences. Check out the travel options including typical Brazilian cuisine!

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