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Brazil’s local population are as diverse as extraordinary, with different history backgrounds and different beliefs. The most special type of experience with locals are encountered in hidden worlds. Deep in the Amazonian jungle with the native indigenous people or along the Atlantic coast within the fishermen villages, you have the possibility to learn a lot.

Indigenous might teach you jungle survival techniques or show you local food while telling the history of their tribes. The Caiçara (fishermen) culture is also fascinating, one can go fishing in extraordinary places or learn how to make your fishing tools and get to know the exquisite local food. The northeast of Brazil is full of helpful people who know all about spices and tropical cuisine. The south hide secrets of the immigrants and offers lots of Churrasco (local barbecue).

In this exotic country, specially in the major cities like Rio de Janeiro, you can also expect to find luxurious neighbourhoods right next to favelas. By the way, the favelas may surprise you with fascinating people.

Whichever local population experience you choose to take, be sure to bring home wonderful lifetime memories.

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