Schooner Tour in Angra dos Reis departing from Rio de Janeiro

The schooner tour in Angra dos Reis offers a delightful experience through the crystal-clear waters of Brazil’s Costa Verde. With strategic stops at picturesque islands and beaches, participants have the opportunity to relax on white sands, swim in calm waters, and explore the rich marine biodiversity. The schooner tour in Angra dos Reis provides unforgettable moments in a stunning natural beauty setting, with the possibility of spotting dolphins and enjoying the lush Atlantic Forest that surrounds the region.

Highlights of the Schooner Tour in Angra dos Reis

Tour Angra dos Reis

  • Visit paradisiacal beaches of Angra dos Reis and Ilha Grande
  • Swim with fishes in cristal clear waters
  • Enjoy a peaceful day on a boat


Pre-booking Information

Stay tuned for the instructions and rules that are essential to making the ride safe and fun. Read our pre-booking information.


  • The ingestion of alcoholic beverages or the use of drugs, as well as the carrying of weapons of any kind, before or during programming, is not allowed under penalty of cancellation of the activity.
  • When booking a place on this tour, the tourist certifies accordance with the postponement and cancellation policy, listed in all itineraries.
  • The itinerary and the order of attractions change due to weather and/or adverse conditions.

How to get in touch with us?

  • Send an e-mail to with your name, id, booked tour and callback information.
  • Via Whatsapp our number is +55 (21) 96931-8893.
  • If you are in Rio de Janeiro, direct call 3264-0182 or 96931-8893.
  • If you are in Brasil, but not in Rio de Janeiro, use operator code and area code 0 XX 21 3264-0182 or XX 21 96931-8893. Please verify available operator codes in your location.
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Frequently asked questions about the Tour Angra dos Reis

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• Daily departure available;

• Please consider that this tour requires booking at least one day in advance.

From: R$261,00

Price, itinerary, and information about the schooner tour in Angra dos Reis


277,78 BRL (10% of discount)

250,00BRL per person on local deposit or transfer

277,78 BRL for payments with Credit Cards or PayPal (up to 3x without interests)

Types of Departures for the Schooner Tour in Angra dos Reis

  • Group with transport: open to many customers who want to join the tour at the same date.

What is the Tour Angra dos Reis?

Our Boat Tour Angra dos Reis and Ilha Grande starts in an air conditioned transportation towards the Costa Verde, a beautiful region that goes from the South coast of Rio de Janeiro to the North coast of São Paulo. After two hours of drive, we will arrive to the city of Angra dos Reis, where we will start a boat tour in Angra dos Reis and Ilha Grande, to visit the main islands and beaches of the region.

Itinerary of the Tour Angra dos Reis

Lagoa Azul:

A natural aquarium where we find one of the most beautiful dive sites on Ilha Grande. An immense swimming pool with clear water, whose bottom is a sky of starfish, with a world of colorful fish, squid and coral. Do not forget your bathing suit.

Praia do Araçá:

Cosy beach with calm and crystalline waters and a singular formation. Not many tourists stop at this beach because of its tiny size, which even goes unnoticed by boat tours.

Ilha da Gipóia:

This is the second largest island of Angra Bay. We will stop at Praia do Vitorina where there was a sardine factory until the year 1967. Today this island hosts a restaurant where we will have lunch and is the perfect option for children and elderly people to take a refreshing bath.

Obs: For your safety, the Tour Angra dos Reis as well as all the Aquatic Tours are subject to alterations according to the sea conditions and the Brazilian Navy interventions.

The total duration of the tour is approximately 12 hours and lunch is served in the Canto das Canoas Restaurant on the island of Gipóia (buffet free of garnishes and an option of meat, fish or chicken), with option for vegetarians. During the tour you can buy drinks.

Book your Boat Tour Angra dos Reis and Ilha Grande and enjoy the wonders of this paradisiacal place.

Main features of the schooner tour in Angra dos Reis

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