Ecotourism in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Ecotourism in Rio de Janeiro presents the best tours and places to venture and enjoy surreal landscapes in Rio de Janeiro. With such natural beauty it is impossible to go through Rio de Janeiro without enjoying the beautiful mountains, forests, beaches and waterfalls.

Rio de Janeiro’s heady mix of beach, jungle, and urban culture has given rise to a wealth of Adventure and nature activities. The city has two of the world’s largest urban forests and is an international reference in terms of ecotourism. At Nattrip, we are fully aware of this potential and are working to transform these natural and cultural wealths into sustainable and safe services based on authentic experiences.

With so much green area preserved, Nattrip offers differentiated ecoturism itineraries in Rio de Janeiro that combine adventure, natural beauty, preservation and safety. Among them, the possibilities range from light hikes to tandem flights, kayaking, etc.

Check out the options and embark on your favorite eco-friendly adventure with Nattrip team!

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